Cold?! It sure is here! There may as well be snow falling on the dunes.

But that's ok, winter is still a great time to go sandboarding in Australia.

Especially when you have our custom formulated Wicked Winter Wax

in your posession!! Grab a 4-Pack here and hit up those freshly rain

soaked slopes (sock wearing is optional but highly recommended)



 Full deck graphics from Ocean Culture® available to purchase NOW!

Ocean Culture Sandboards - Camo Prints 

Ocean Culture :: Laminated Decks

Wide range of laminates available from Ocean Culture... solid colours, pastels, marbles, quartz, quarry, wood grains, specialty laminates and more...just ask! 

Board Colour Options  *Please note that the sandboards displayed on our website are not representative of all laminate colours and patterns available at any given time. If you have a preference for colour please advise during the ordering process via the "your note to us" text field. Alternately, if you are a cracking design artist or have an idea for a full custom board graphic then drop us a line and inquire about our new design service and rates.